Squatch Salty Soul Can Crusher


SKU: SS-SQ1000

We've teamed up with Squatch USA and the Salty Soul Foundation. The Salty Soul Foundation cleans beaches world wide, and like Squatch USA, they are trying to reduce the use of single use plastics, as well as promote personal responsibility and recycling.

They took their commercial crusher, and put a salty spin on it with custom machining.  Each crusher is beach ready, with 25% going towards cleaning our beaches!!

USA Made, Best On The Planet!!


25% will go to Salty Soul Foundation to help keep our beaches clean around the world.

Using the same engineering and manufacturing principles as high end Automotive and Aerospace Industries, such as NASCAR and NASA, these Crushers are top of line. Made with the best aircraft aluminum, along with medical-grade stainless steel, this Crusher is designed to last a lifetime, with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to back it up.

 Ships from Squatch USA in Indiana.

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