Shoreline Tea

In a CBD market that is over-saturated with unhealthy products containing unnatural ingredients, we hope to be a beacon of light by offering a variety of hemp tea delight.

From heating up the kettle and steeping, down to the last sip, tea is by far the most meditative way to enjoy your CBD wellness routine. Feel the added detox benefits from our all-natural tea ingredients when you Taste The Tides.

Our oceans are slowly dying in oil-based plastic packaging which kills over 1 million marine animals each year (source). The Shoreline community cares about climate change and we believe that CBD as a plant medicine should protect people and the planet- not add to its destruction. For these reasons, we have made sure our products are packaged and shipped in eco-friendly materials.

Believing in the holistic benefits of this miracle plant and knowing firsthand what good it can do, led us to create a community around an affordable CBD wellness routine that adds quality and groove to the user experience. Become one with the mind, body, and soul as you meditate with a cup of high antioxidant hemp-infused tea with plenty of servings to set you free. It’s your tea party and you can sip it how you want to!

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